Forteo® Patient Registry Overview

Please encourage your patients who take Forteo to sign up for the Forteo Patient Registry.

The voluntary Forteo Patient Registry was established to collect information about any potential risk of osteosarcoma in patients who have taken Forteo. A one-time patient enrollment provides information that will be linked to participating state cancer registries for up to 12 years.

We ask that you encourage patients whom you are treating with Forteo to enroll in this voluntary registry. Patients enroll themselves; the time it takes to enroll is minimal (3-5 minutes), and they receive $5 to thank them for their time. No further action is required of you, beyond encouraging patients to participate.

We want you to know that RTI International (RTI), a nonprofit research company, is conducting this safety study on behalf of Eli Lilly and Company, the makers of Forteo.

Your patient's personal information, including any data that can directly identify patients, will not be shared with Eli Lilly and Company or anyone outside the research team, without the patient’s permission. Any publication of Registry results will only be presented in a way that will not identify your patient.

The results will be publicly available after completion of the study, and Registry updates will be posted on this Web site. Patients who do not wish to participate in the Registry can still receive Forteo treatment.

Participation of patients is voluntary and will involve only three steps:

If you have any questions about the Registry, please call the RTI Registry hotline at 1-866-382-6813.

For information about Forteo, please call Eli Lilly & Company at 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5979) or visit

Additional information about Forteo can be found in the Forteo prescribing information and the Forteo medication guide.